Festival Inspired Tipi Weddings

Posted by magnakata on May 1, 2014

It's an exciting moment when my inbox pings and I have a received an email full of colourful and quirky photos from a festival tipi wedding. I bring you my favourites, which I hope will get your creative juices flowing....

So, first things first...

Big tent(s) to hold large groups of revellers? Check.

Grassy, flat field? Check.

Homemade signs telling you were to go? Check!


An arched entrance or feature can be really pretty and have a real impact.


Or do as Peadar and Olivia did and use giant colourful flags at the entance with the tipis lit up in the background.

**Insert photo**

Add a few hay bales to use as seating and that's the outside sorted!



As for decorating the insides, it couldn't be easier. The tipis are a wonderful canvas to work off and are such a statement in themselves, that pops of colours about the tipis can be incredibly striking.


Or even, as our wonderfully creative bride Bridget did, cut out your own dove shapes to hang under the canvas.



I love the quirky touches our brides think of, such as using jam jars as glasses.


Or a funky wedding cake such as this one which was a cheese layer, a traditional cake layer, topped with a chocolate cake. Nom, nom, nom.


An ice cream van is q quick way to cool down your guests.



Finally, make sure you have a band that will do all your hard work justice, will blast out those tunes and fill the dancefloor, and the craic will be mighty!!


 Chill-out after dancing round the fire outside.