Our Guide to Creating a Tipi Wedding

Posted by magnakata on October 13, 2014

Thinking of having a Tipi Wedding and not sure what is involved? Here is a fail safe guide to make sure you know what is involved when planning your own Tipi Wedding.

1. Choose a date

If you are after a specific date such as a bank holiday weekend, it is a good idea to book well in advance. Let us know as soon as you know your date and we can check our availability.

Don't worry if you don't yet know when your wedding will be. We can still go through a quote with you and add the date later.

To hold a date, we require a 25% deposit. It is not a problem to change your date once you have booked, subject to availabilty.


2. Where to have it?

a) Have it at home, in a neighbours field or at a family member / friends house. Alternatively contact your local farmer to see if they would be willing to host your event for a small fee! We will come and do a site visit to make sure it is suitable for the tipis.



b) Have it at a venue. Some good options are National Trust Properties, pubs, restaurants, hotels and self catering cottages. Also contact your local council as they might have great public spaces in parks and woods.


Wedding at Castle Ward National Trust, Co Down


3. How much does it cost?

Contact us here at Magnakata and we will email you a personal quotation. The initial quote will have all the essential items you need, including flooring, lighting, dance floor, stage, tables, benches, bar unit and heating. We will also send our 'optional' price list so you can see what else we can provide. 

In the meantime check out our Event Planner which will give you a good idea of prices and layouts. 


4. Book the ceremony

Make sure you book the church or the registrar well in advance to make sure they can fit in with your dates. 

Did you know you can get married in the tipis? We can set up a tipi specifically for your service, or you can have the service in the tipis you will be using later for the reception, and get a few willing helpers to help shuffle some furniture about before the reception.

If you want a single Giant Hat for your ceremony, we can lift all the sides, weather dependent and use our lovely wooden benches as seating.


4. Food. Mmmm

The tipis provide a naturally chilled-out atmosphere and you may want to emulate this with the food. An informal style such as BBQs and Street Food works well especially if you are not having a set seating plan. However quite often it is easier to have it slightly more formal and seat people, as then you will know exactly how much space is required and it can provide a bit of calm to your day!

Whichever route you choose, we have a list of great foodies we are happy to recommend.

Between your caterer and us, you have will have most things covered. Your caterer should provide all the equipment needed plus table linen and cutlery.


5. Drinks?

Now is the time to think about whether you need a professional to come in and run your bar for you. We can recommend brilliant mobile bar companies who will stock the bar and serve drinks to your guests. The other option is to get the local pub to come do the bar. 

There are also some cracking wine merchants out there who can recommend and supply delicious wine to go with your food. After all the best part about planning a wedding is all the tasting that is involved!


8. Wedding Style

If you don't want the hassle of having to decorate the tipis yourself, or you have some wonderful and wild ideas but you don't have the props to put them into place, look no further than Blue Moon Event Design! Rachael and team can help provide inspiration if you want something really different, but are not sure what, or they can just go in and provide the finishing touches to your tipi wedding, leaving you time to de-stress and pamper!


Simple yet effective greenery from Blue Moon. Plus their amazing Giant Orb Chandelier.

7. Very important but not necessarily tipi related..

Dress, band, photographer, rings, cake, stationary etc. Again we can recommend great suppliers.


Good luck and remember...STAY CALM!!!