The Summer Season 2012

Posted by magnakata on March 13, 2014

It seems we are in the dark depths of winter, so probably a good moment to review the 2012 Summer Season.

Odaios Foods, Dublin, May

A 21st Birthday party Nr Slane in Co Meath kicked things off with one of the sunniest, warmest days of the year!

A personal highligh was working with Odaios Foods to help create their inaugural Food Festival in Dublin using 9 Giant Hats and are looking forward to next years already.

We had a first set up at Strawberry Fest in Enniscorthy and at the Ardmore Pattern Festival, Co Cork (we got into soo much trouble for thinking we were in Co Waterford!!)

We did a bit of Queen's Jubilee and Olympic Torch stuff up North and a Microsoft staff party in Dublin.

There was a great wedding at a new venue for us - The Garda Boat Club on the banks of the Liffey, followed by the Dublin Triathlon the next day at the same venue.

Weddings took us all over the country as usual - and had the pleasure of visiting Roscommon (no really!!) for the first time in September. By my reckoning, the only 2 counties in Ireland that we have not had the pleasure of erecting tipis in yet is Monaghan and we have a booking in Longford next summer the pressure is all on Monaghan.......c'mon all Monaghan folk!!

We have a big wedding on New Year's Eve which will be both challenging and exciting and then it's all over again for 2013!! Can't Wait....