The Tipi Story

Posted by magnakata on October 27, 2014


Our tipis are made by Swedish company Tentipi and are now found all over the world. The story of how they came about happened back in 1979 when inspiration materialised for Bengt Grahn, the founder of Tentipi, in the form of a camping trip in northern Sweden. Been eaten alive by mosquitos, Bengt yearned for a tent that had a fire inside, to be able to cook, stay warm and keep away from mosquitos...the best tent in the world?

It wasn't until 10 years later with his knowledge of the Sami Kata (the traditional home of the local indigenous people from Swedish Lapland), that Moskoselkatan AB (since renamed Tentipi AB) was incorporated and Bengt was on his way.


The first request for a giant Nordic tipi arrived, and Bengt made a deal to sew the canvas with the poles being provided by someone else. But when they arrived on site with no sign of the poles, Bengt went into the woods with chainsaw in hand to find tall, straight trees and worked through the night to have enough poles to build the frame. The canvas fitted perfectly and the show went on!

The next step took place when Bengt was asked to create an exhibition space for Sami products. He thought it would be great for people to be able to see the displays as they walked past, by opening the sides of the tipis. The first "Giant Hat" was born!


1993 was the first time that the tipis were linked together, and now the abilty to link is what really sets these tents apart. It is possible to create all sorts of weird and wonderful shapes, and to make really large covered spaces. The record to date is 34 Giant Hats linked together to host a dinner for 2000 people!


So we arrive at today, with a product packed full of features developed as a result of 25 years experience of real world use, on real sites, and in real weather conditions.

The journey continues...