Sarah & Michael

Where Finnebrogue Woods, Co Down

When Saturday 16th August 2016

Guests 170

Set-Up 4 Giant Hats in a star

Finishing Touches  Fireplace, Moroccan Chill-out Furniture, Giant Orb Chandelier, 3 Panels of Fairy Lights, Festoon Lighting

Caterer Posh Nosh

Decor Blue Moon Event Design

Florist Rosehip & Berry

Photographer Simple Tapestry

This was one of the most incredible weddings we have done. Not only because it was the first wedding we did at our brand spanking new venue Finnebrogue Woods, but they were such a wonderful couple to work with as well.

We were obviously full of excited nerves at the prospect of Sarah and Michael's wedding; 170 people in 4 Giant Hats. We have done this many times as Magnakata around the country but this was the first time that we were to be showcasing our beautiful new venue and we were anxious for it to go off without a hitch. And thank goodness it did! There was a calm stillness to the day and Simple Tapestry caught some incredible shots, really capturing the essence of Finnebrogue Woods.