Where can I set-up the tipis?

You can set the tipis up on your own land, in your garden or field, or you can use the grounds of a public venue such as a hotel, country house B&B or National Trust property. Get in touch if you would like us to suggest some venues.

How many tipis will I need?

The number of tipis required will depend on how much capacity you need and how you plan to use the tipis.  Take a look at our price guide page, which will give you an idea of the configurations we can offer and the capacity for each.  Alternatively, give us a call and we would be happy to advise you.

What areas do you cover?

We cover the whole of Ireland from Ballintoy to Bantry Bay.

Where are you based?

We are based near Downptarick in Co Down.

What should I consider when choosing a site?

  • Does your prospective site have good access for 4x4 vehicles?  
  • What surface will the tipis be pitched on? Grass is preferable.
  • How exposed is the site? Is there a backup site available?
  • Is the ground well drained?
  • Is the ground level?
  • Does the site have provision of services e.g. lavatories, water and power?

If you do have any questions about the suitability of your prospective site, then please give us a call.  We are always happy to carry out a free, no obligation site visit.

How much space do the tipis need?

Each Giant Hat tipi is 10.3 metres in diameter with the sides down, and 13 metres with all of the sides raised.  The amount of ground space required is dependent on how many tipis you need and the configuration in which they are set up.  If you would like us to email you a bespoke floor plan, just get in touch. Alternatively there are a few sample floor plans on our price guide page.

Can the tipis be set up on uneven/sloping ground?

Whilst our tipis can be set up on a slight slope, setting them up on a very undulating field would be not be possible.  If the level of the ground is too disjointed, the poles and canvases will be out of alignment and would not join together correctly.  It could also be uncomfortable for your guests as the furnishings may be wobbly inside the tipis.  If you have any doubts we will happily come and look at your site for you.

Can the tipis be set up on hard standing?

Whilst we can set the tipis up on tarmac, hardcore and chippings we would have to drill into the surface, which may damage it.  Unfortunately, we cannot pitch our tipis on concrete.

It rains a lot in Ireland. Will my guests be warm and dry?

The tipis are completely weatherproof. They are made in Sweden and used to withstanding extreme conditions. If it is cold, we have specialist heaters that we can put in the tipis, ensuring your guests are lovely and warm throughout your event. 

What happens if the weather is really bad?

Rain is never a problem, unless the site is at risk of flooding, in which case we suggest you organise a back up site.  If high winds are forecast we will discuss with you when the best time to pitch the tipis will be.  It might be that we have to change the build day.

Do you rent the tipis all year round?

In theory yes. Although if you wanted to have an event on the west coast of Ireland in January in an exposed area, we would probably advise against it. For winter events we can create a lovely cosy atmosphere using our Bamse fireplace and specialist heaters, with all the sides of the tipis down. 

Can we open and close the entrance of the tipi depending on the weather?

Unfortunately this is not possible.  Our Crew Leaders will have assessed the site and weather forecast and, in agreement with you, decided which sides of the tipi should be raised or lowered.   We do have solid oak doors available for hire, which are particularly useful for winter events.

Do you provide power for the tipis?

Yes we can quote you for a full electrics package or alternatively you can organise your own. If it is a small event, you maybe able to take power from a mains supply nearby. Please call us for further details and a bespoke quotation.

Do you provide facilities for caterers?

Yes.  We have specifically designed catering tents in different sizes depending on what your caterer needs. We can email you the different options available and their corresponding prices.  We also work closely with our customer’s caterers to ensure that their power needs and any other requirements are met.

Do you provide heating for the tipis?

Yes.  We provide open Bamse fireplaces which sit in the centre of the tipis, with the top as the tipis acting as a chimney. We also have specialist outdoor heaters that sit outside the tipis with the hot air blown in through a vent into the tipi. This are set on a thermostat ensuring your guests are lovely and warm if it is cold.

Do we need a heater in the summer?

Even during the summer months it can get a little chilly in the evening so we would always recommend hiring a heater to keep your guests nice and warm.

Do I need a member of staff to maintain the fires?

No, as looking after the fire is very easy to do yourself.  Once we have set up your tipis our Crew Leader will show you how to build and maintain the fire and how to open the smoke caps.

Do you provide lavatories?

Yes, we work with a number of very reliable and professional lavatory hire companies and and can organise a luxury loo unit for you.  Alternatively, if you would prefer to arrange this for yourself, we can recommend excellent suppliers to you.

Do you provide furnishings and styling?

We can supply a wide range of furnishings, including tables, seating, staging, bars, dance floors and lighting.  If you would like a detailed list of all our 'extras' please get in contact and we can email you one over. If you require more involved tipi styling please get in touch with our sister company Blue Moon Event Design who do a wonderful job decorating the tipis.

Can you help me with the layout of furniture inside the tipis?

Yes.  We would be very happy to work with you to create a floor plan that meets your requirements and that will optimise the space within the tipis.  

What is the flooring like inside the tipis?

We use a corn coloured fibre matting, called Dandy Dura.  This is laid over a protective membrane, tensioned and laid in sections throughout the tipis. 

Is your matting high-heel proof?

Yes.  The matting is ‘high heel friendly’, even against the sharpest stilettos!

Do I need event insurance?

Yes, we strongly recommend that you purchase event insurance from a reputable insurer to cover loss or accidental damage to our equipment (if you are not paying our Damage Waiver), cancellation, injury to your guests, breakages and a whole lot more.

What is the Damage Waiver?

It’s a convenient way for you to cover loss or accidental damage to our tipis during your event.  It means that once we leave the site after setting up the tipis, you won't be left contractually responsible, Magnakata will.

Does paying your Damage Waiver mean we don’t need separate insurance cover?

No.  Our Damage Waiver only covers loss or accidental damage to our tipis and equipment.  You will need separate cover for things like third party protection and cancellation.

Where can I view the tipis?

We have spring and autumn open weekends every year, which are great opportunities to see the tipis set up and talk to a member of our team about your ideas and requirements.  You can also arrange with us to go and see events we are setting up for around the country. Please get in touch for details.

How long is the hire period for?

The usual hire period is 48 hours.  We usually set up the tipis one or two days before your event and take them down one or two days after.  We are happy to extend the hire period, if required.  Set up and take down dates are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, and this will be discussed with you when a booking is made.  Please contact our events team who will be happy to talk this through with you.

How do I book the tipis for my event?

If you are happy with your quotation and would like to proceed with a booking, then we will send you a booking form and a 25% deposit invoice.  Once we receive your deposit and a signed booking form, the tipis will be secured for your date. 

When do I pay the final balance?

The final balance is due 2 weeks before the event.  We must have received cleared funds prior to your set up date.

Can I adjust my quotation after I have booked?

Yes, this is not a problem. You can add or remove things at any stage subject to availability.