Two Magnakata vehicles drive along with trailers carry long wooden poles and Tipi canvases



Our Story

Magnakata was founded in the Spring of 2009, since then we have erected innumerous amount of tipis in almost every county of Ireland. We pride ourselves on our ability to accommodate and adapt to our clients’ requests, working with our clients from the outset to ensure that we make every event bespoke and personal to create the event of your dreams. Working all over Ireland has its advantages, we meet lots of amazing people and visit stunning sites! On site our specialist set up team are professional, efficient and always cheerful as we strive to create a magical event which will surely exceed your expectations. After 10 years travelling around Ireland setting up our incredible tipis for special events, we know our trade by heart. We ensure your event is planned to run as smoothly as possible with our expert team members who deliver, pitch and disassemble our tipis, taking care of all the essentials so you don’t have to.

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