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Sian & Tristan

"It was a brilliant day and your team were absolutely amazing, particularly when the tent sprung a leak the night before and when we were trying to resolve the generator issues. They really took time to explain everything to us and nothing seemed too much effort. I think Tristan's uncle Padraig, who owns the land we celebrated on, secretly wants to join your team now as he asked the guys a thousand questions as they were erecting and taking down the tents!  Our guests were also blown away by the tents with so many saying that they had never seen anything like it! We were lucky also that after weeks of rain it somehow cleared just half an hour before the ceremony and then it was just cracking weather for the rest of the day and the subsequent few days. Thanks to you and the admin team as well for being so flexible when COVID came along and for making sure all the t's were crossed and the i's dotted. We always knew we were in good hands!" Back to Gallery